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About Ignite Media

From the raw power of the racing circuit to the delicate lines of elite dancers, Ignite Media is a full service agency that captures life in motion. Whether your vision is stills or video, our team of top photographers and videographers will use their specialized artistic abilities to bring your project to life.

Spearheaded by the creative direction of Alison Arena, Ignite Media hinges on a lifetime of passion and nearly two decades of photography training and expertise. Arena’s photojournalistic style netted her early success on the motorsports circuit through collaboration with clients such as Mazda, Red Bull, Ferrari NA, and Wired.  As she looked to evolve her portfolio, a clear connection emerged between racing and dance. The same explosive power, strength and grace that are present in motorsports are the same core characteristics of elite dancers.

By pushing boundaries and expanding creative ideas, Ignite Media continually captures and produces images and video that both resonate and stir emotional reactions within the viewer.

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